The Secret to Authentic Indian Dishes Using Supermarket Spices

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Key Takeaways

Key Points Summary
Supermarket Spices for Indian Cuisine Start with basic yet essential spices & sauces to create authentic Indian dishes.
Authentic Sauces by Green Saffron Green Saffron offers a variety of sauces ideal for diverse Indian dishes, making cooking more straightforward.
Importance of Spices Using the right blend of spices is crucial for achieving authentic Indian flavours.
Green Saffron’s Basmati Rice Aged Vintage Basmati Rice serves as the perfect accompaniment to richly spiced meals.
Visualising the Spice Journey Custom graphs illustrate the popular use of supermarket spices in Indian cooking, providing valuable insights.


At Green Saffron, we’ve always believed in the magic of bringing authentic Indian culinary experiences to tables around the world. Our focus has been on selecting high-quality spices right from supermarkets, ensuring that anyone can whip up delicious Indian dishes at home. This mission is backed by our direct sourcing of spices and sauces from farmers across India.

Discover the Magic of Green Saffron’s Authentic Sauces

Green Saffron, unlike any other, brings to you a range of sauces that serve as the perfect foundation for a myriad of Indian dishes. These include:

Natural Authentic Jalfrezi Sauce: Ideal for a vibrant and spicy Jalfrezi, it combines the perfect mix of spices for that genuine taste.
Natural Authentic Jalfrezi Sauce
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Our sauces simplify the cooking process, ensuring true flavours without the typical hassles.

The Role of Spices in Indian Cuisine

The essence of authentic Indian cooking lies in its spices. We pride ourselves on offering Green Saffron’s freshest authentic spice blends, which include:

Freshest Authentic Bombay Potatoes Spice: Perfect for crafting classic Bombay Potatoes.
Freshest Authentic Bombay Potatoes Spice
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Enhancing Flavours with Green Saffron’s Basmati Rice

No Indian meal is complete without the right type of rice. Aged Vintage Basmati Rice is unparalleled in complementing any richly spiced meal, providing that genuine Indian dining experience.
Aged Vintage Basmati Rice
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Visualising the Spice Journey

Our journey with spices is one of exploration and discovery. Visual graphs illustrate the trends in the use of supermarket spices in authentic Indian cooking. Here are some insights:

Graph 1
Graph 2
Graph 3

These visualisations tell a story of growing appreciation and understanding of how supermarket spices can recreate authentic Indian flavours.


Creating authentic Indian dishes at home is made infinitely easier with Green Saffron’s spices, sauces, and rice. We are dedicated to ensuring you can bring the essence of Indian cuisine into your home with ease and authenticity.

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This article merges detailed product introductions with the significance of authentic spices and rice in Indian cooking. Backed by simple yet highly relevant visualisations, our aim is to guide you through the enriching experience of making authentic Indian dishes with easily accessible supermarket spices, just as if they were directly from India.