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Corporate Social Responsibility

We take our corporate social responsibility seriously. We challenge ourselves with the targets we set. We aim to achieve best practice across all aspects of the business. At the core of this is the way we treat the world around us: our suppliers, our fellow businesses, our customers and the environment. This is our beating heart. We believe it essential to the running of a modern business.

In short, we treat others as we'd wish others to treat us. We treat the environment with the respect it needs to provide for future generations.

Those aiming to have a positive impact on their local communities and society at large, who are not looking for what they can take but for what they can give back, are the people who inspire us.

Origin Green

Green Saffron is one of 300 companies in Ireland to be a verified Origin Green member. Their promise:

The Origin Green promise is an unprecedented one. It is the Only sustainability programme in the world that operates on a national scale, uniting government, the private sector and food producers through Bord Bia, the Irish Food Board.

Independently verified, it enables Ireland's farmers and producers to set and achieve measurable sustainability targets – reducing environmental impact, serving local communities more effectively and protecting the extraordinarily rich natural resources that our country enjoys.

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From coast to coast, from seabed to soil, our ever-growing number of Origin Green are fully committed to developing more stringent ways of working which will see 100% of Ireland's food and drink exports on the road to sustainability by 2016.

Our commitment towards increasingly sustainable and organic supply, to fight waste, run a green office, and run a positive social economic policy are just some of the things we've had to prove to gain this prestigious membership.

The Hope Foundation.

Green Saffron is proud to be associated with The Hope Foundation. Please read about their vital work:

The Hope Foundation is a registered Irish-based charity (CHY13237), who work primarily with the street and slum children in Kolkata and the subsequent difficulties that these children encounter. HOPE funds and operates over 60 projects in Kolkata, India and its environs, in the areas of: child protection, education, healthcare, vocational training, rehabilitation and children and women's rights advocacy. HOPE India works with 14 local Indian NGOs to rescue thousands of children from the streets and slums of Kolkata. The charity has offices in Cork, Dublin, UK, Germany and India.

HOPE works to free children and poor families from lives of pain, abuse, poverty and darkness. Living on the streets, children are exposed to horrendous physical and sexual abuse. Those who survive are left to fend for themselves, with no promise of a safe future. They are forced to work from as young as five years of age to earn money for food and so cannot receive an education. HOPE works to free them from child labour.

HOPE's mission is to educate and empower street and slum children and their families to break the cycle of poverty and change their futures. HOPE is a non-denominational organisation with most of our funding coming from the Irish public with growing donor bases in the UK, Germany and India. The Hope Foundation is committed to the highest levels of international best practice in Corporate Governance. Furthermore, The Hope Foundations's CEO and Founder, Maureen Forrest, has remained a volunteer and has never taken a salary since she founded the charity in 1999.

Supporting The Hope Foundation

In support of HOPE, Arun created his version of the classic Kolkata Chaap spice blend based on well-loved traditional recipes. All profits from our Kolkata Chaap blend goes to HOPE. Why not help make a difference and treat yourself to this delicious and unique Bengali blend?

100% of the contribution from Green Saffron's co-branding is geared towards the HOPE Life Skills Centre. The Lifeskill Training Programme is designed to provide skill development and employment opportunities to the women and young adults and disadvantaged section of society in Kolkata, India. The programme aims at providing quality and professionally designed vocational training to male and female adolescents and adults who are living below the poverty line and cannot access vocational training from government institutes due to educational pre-requisites.

Over the coming years we have made further commitments to HOPE. We will have staff undertaking voluntary work with them for four weeks per year, we will help them implement HACCP training in the Life Skills Centre, and Arun will sponsor scholarship and provide mentoring.


Vegan and Coeliac are so much more than mere marketing terms to us. Adhering to accreditations means we stick to our core principals of making our products available to all, so we can all live the healthy life we choose. We find that incorporating verified insignia on our packaging informs our customer, allowing them to make informed choices.

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