Welcome to our 100% natural, wonderfully rich curry with warming, vibrant spices, tomatoes, onions, garlic and zingy ginger. There are many types of Korma dishes, the word Korma simply refers to the cooking method. Here we go for the southern Indian variation from the Hyderabad region, which focusses on creamy coconut milk and fragrant spicing.


  • Gently fry between 750g and 1kg of chicken, red meat, or vegetables in a little oil or butter or coconut oil or alternative fat, as you prefer.
  • Add your jar of Cococrazy Korma sauce to the pan, pour water into the empty to about half full, swirl around and add that to the pan too.
  • Cook until the meat is cooked or the vegetables the texture you prefer. Serve with our Vintage Pure Basmati rice and Naan.


  • Add a nugget or two of frozen spinach for good healthy eating, great colour and texture.
  • Reduce the sauce as you like it. You can always add a little more water or coconut milk if you like a more runny consistency.
  • If using chicken, we’d always recommend using chicken thigh. This part of the bird is perfect for curries, has a better flavour, holds its shape, texture and is now available in so many supermarkets in de-skinned, boneless convenient packs; or simple ask your local butcher to prepare it for you. Just be sure it’s cooked before serving


  • For added richness, you should pop in either 200ml of coconut cream or a 50g sachet of creamed
    coconut when you add our sauce.