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Kurry Kids Lunchbox Frittata

Kurry Kids Lunchbox Frittata

Curried ‘Kolkata’ egg roll

This is a good, easy and slightly quirky way to make your make children the envy of the lunchtime dining room, whilst at the same time making a delicious nutritious meal. This recipe is written to make 2 rolls, but you could just make one big frittata disc and cut it into wedges. (For a more grown up version of this recipe, check out Arun’s book, ‘Fresh Spice’ in the Egg and Cheese chapter.)

Serves 2 children

Download the recipe here: Kurry Kids Lunchbox Frittata


6 free range eggs

1 sachet Green Saffron spice blend, Tikka, Korma, Madras, Red Lentil Dahl, whichever is your favourite

250g, 8oz waxy potatoes, peeled and evenly sliced into very thin discs

2 large brown onions, peeled whole and thinly sliced

4 tblsp sunflower oil

100g, 3oz, your child’s favourite cheese, roughly crumbled

150g, 5oz mix of leftover meat, or chicken breast, or pepperoni or vegetables, or sweetcorn or baked beans or….well, you get the idea


  1. Take a medium sized bowl, crack 3 of the eggs, sprinkle in 1 level teaspoon of your chosen Green Saffron blend and beat well
  2. Heat 2 tablepoons of the oil in a large heavy-bottomed frying pan over a medium flame
  3. Pop in half of potatoes and fry for 3 minutes
  4. Add half the brown onions, sprinkle with another teaspoon of spice blend, cover and cook for about 10 to 15 minutes stirring from time to time
  5. When soft, add the onion potato mix to the beaten eggs and mix well. Crumble in half the cheese, add half the leftovers or vegetables and stir gently to combine
  6. Pour the mixture back into the pan and cook over a gentle heat until it begins to set
  7. Shake the pan from time to time, so that the frittata does not stick to the base
  8. Remove from the heat and turnover by placing a plate on top of the pan and then, carefully, turning the pan upside-down so it lands onto the plate
  9. Slide it back into the pan and cook it gently only for a few minutes, until it looks firm but is still slightly moist inside
  10. Remove from the heat, rest until it cools
  11. REPEAT to make a second frittata, then pop in them both in the fridge overnight


  • Next day, roll them up like sausages, wrap them each in a roll of grease-proof paper, secure the paper with a little tape and that’s that!
  • Alternatively, make one big frittata, allow it to cool then simply cut into wedges.

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