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  • Full on Kedgeree

    Breakfast Kedgeree
    Basmati rice, fresh spice, fish & egg

    This is a wonderfully satisfying, yet surprisingly light dish perfect for breakfast or any little snack. Based on the Indian ‘kichadi’ (pronounced “kitsch er ree”) dish of lentils and rice this, as my father says, “can’t be simpler, just a little rice, lentils and bit of ‘haldi’ (turmeric)”. With the colonial-influenced addition of smoked fish and eggs, it can be as hearty as you want to make it. Here, I’ve concentrated on fresh, flavours, unctuous eggs and delicately sweet, fluffy rice. This recipe is split into three sections for simplicity sake; the rice, the eggs and then the fish. Finally, it explains how to combine all three simple parts to make and present the dish…

    Serves 4 (hungry people)

    Recipe PDF download: Full on Kedgeree

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  • Beef, Carrots & Ale Madras

    Beef, Carrots & Ale
    Coconut mashed roots

    A wonderfully rich and unctuous ‘eat with a spoon’ beef dish. I love using beef shin for this, it’s one of my favourite cuts for ‘slow, low temperature’ cooking. The wonderful, naturally gelatinous meat really adds beautiful body and general oomph! You can use stewing beef and ask your butcher for a couple of bones to throw into the cooking pot for extra flavour. It is best prepared 2 days in advance to allow really good marinating time, but overnight is fine. Served with my coconut root mash, it’s a total comfort treat!

    Serves 4 to 6

    Recipe PDF download: Beef, Carrots & Ale

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  • Baked Chicken, Peach & Ginger Curry, Coconut & Basil

    Baked Chicken, Peach & Ginger Curry, Coconut & Basil
    Buttery pilau, pomegranate & mint riata

    This is proposed as a ‘dry curry’. As such the sauce should have a textured, viscous consistency.

    Serves 6

    Recipe PDF download: Baked Chicken, Peach and Ginger Curry

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  • Arun’s Spiced ‘Chocolat Chaud’

    Arun’s Spiced ‘Chocolat Chaud’
    This is simply the best hot chocolate on the market. Bar none!

    Serves, 1 cup

    Recipe PDF: Arun's Spiced Chocolat Chaud

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  • Madras - 35g

    Madras – 35g sachet 

    Serves 4-6 people

    Click for a downloadable pdf: Madras - 35g

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  • Upside Down 'Tahdig' Pie

    Upside Down 'Tahdig' Pie

    Spiced lamb mince, basmati & peas

    Serves 6 - 8 people

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  • Tandoori Béchamel Bake

    Tandoori Béchamel Bake

    Here’s a great way to use up left-over meat and veggies. A guaranteed comfort food dish that delivers on flavour and simplicity by the bucket load!

    Serves 4

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  • Potato & Pickle Salad

    Potato & Pickle Salad

    This is my version of my wife’s, Olive’s delicious potato salad. Wonderful fresh, earthy flavour of new season, Homeguards or Jersey Royals combined with delicately spiced vinaigrette, mayonnaise and crunchy, salty, vinegary pickles. Glorious! It’s best to leave the potato salad to cool overnight in the fridge and then, before serving leave the mix to come back to room temperature and rectify the seasoning.

    Serves 6

    Download the recipe pdf here: Spiced Potato Salad Continue reading

  • Spatchcock Chicken, Masala Buttered Cabbage, Tomato Chilli Sauce

    Spatchcock Chicken

    Masala Buttered Cabbage, Tomato Chilli Sauce

    This is a really simple but totally tasty way to tickle your roast chicken. A little north Indian spiced sauce, spatch-cocked chicken, off-set by wonderfully clean tasting winter, buttered cabbage. The perfect quick comfort supper as you return in home from a cold winter’s day! Game birds or poussin are also excellent for this, but as chickens are a little easier to come by I thought it best to try with one of those first!

    Serves 4

    Download the recipe pdf here: Spatch Cock Chicken, Masala Buttered Cabbage Continue reading

  • Mum’s Sausage Pie, Crisp potato topping & spice

    Mum’s Sausage Pie

    Crisp potato topping & spice

    Sausage pie still gets ‘pulled out the bag’ whenever we’re looking for a little comfort factor and nurturing from our meal. Indeed, during a power cut on one of Mum and Dad’s visits to Ireland, storm raging outside, we returned from a day’s trading at the Market like drowned rats, to a twinkling candlelit, sausage pie supper. Fantastic! I’ve added and twisted a few things up here…

    Serves 4 to 6

    Download the recipe pdf here: Sausage Pie Continue reading

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