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  • Copies of Fresh Spice signed by Arun are available at the unit (address at top of page).
  • We won two more golds at the most recent Great Taste Awards - check out our awards page in the About Us section
  • All of our sauces, spices and chutneys are certified Coeliac, Vegan and Halal friendly
  • "The best, freshest spices I've ever used. Fantastic!" - Richard Corrigan – 'Corrigan's Mayfair'
  • Come shop at our unit for your sauces and spices! Address at top of page. We’re open from Monday to Friday, 10am to 5pm.
  • "I just wanted to thank you for helping me make the best curry my family have ever tasted" - HT – (letter on file)
  • "Green Saffron's spices have such an incredible flavour; they give food a whole new dimension" - Rachel Allen, TV Chef and Food Writer
  • "I cooked up your Rogan Josh – we were all flabbergasted. I mean it! One of the nicest things we've ever tasted." - SG – (letter on file)
  • "Blending spices is an art form that Arun has mastered exceptionally well. The delicate aromas truly show the freshness and quality of the spices." - Asheesh Dewan - Director 'Jaipur', Dublin
  • "...just finished your Balti and it was yummmeeee. I am definitely converted!" - E MCD, Farmers Market Customer
  • "Your green cardamoms and saffron are simply superb..." - Joel Robuchon – Chef 'L'Atelier', Worldwide
  • "Green Saffron's rice has spoilt me for any other. It's the only Basmati I'll use." - Adam Penney - Chef 'Patty & Bun', London
  • "I bought your spices for all my family for Christmas and they love them now as much as I do" - Z.S, Farmers Market Customer
  • "I'm astounded at the freshness of your spices" - Stevie Parle – Chef, 'Dock Kitchen', London
  • "These spices give me a noticeably improved, cleaner flavour than I was ever able to achieve before" - Ross Lewis, Chef, 'Chapter One', Dublin
  • "All of those that ate your food thoroughly enjoyed it (especially the chutney which everyone was raving about). Many thanks for all your help. I would not hesitate to recommend you to friends in the future" - J.Q, Ireland
  • "My Morecambe Bay shrimps would be naked without your blade mace" - Mark Broadbent, Chef, London

The Hope Foundation

Green Saffron is proud to be associated with The Hope Foundation. Please read about their vital work:

The Hope Foundation is a registered Irish-based charity (CHY13237), who work primarily with the street and slum children in Kolkata and the subsequent difficulties that these children encounter. HOPE funds and operates over 60 projects in Kolkata, India and its environs, in the areas of: child protection, education, healthcare, vocational training, rehabilitation and children and women’s rights advocacy. HOPE India works with 14 local Indian NGOs to rescue thousands of children from the streets and slums of Kolkata. The charity has offices in Cork, Dublin, UK, Germany and India.

HOPE works to free children and poor families from lives of pain, abuse, poverty and darkness. Living on the streets, children are exposed to horrendous physical and sexual abuse. Those who survive are left to fend for themselves, with no promise of a safe future. They are forced to work from as young as five years of age to earn money for food and so cannot receive an education. HOPE works to free them from child labour.

HOPE’s mission is to educate and empower street and slum children and their families to break the cycle of poverty and change their futures. HOPE is a non-denominational organisation with most of our funding coming from the Irish public with growing donor bases in the UK, Germany and India. The Hope Foundation is committed to the highest levels of international best practice in Corporate Governance. Furthermore, The Hope Foundations’s CEO and Founder, Maureen Forrest, has remained a volunteer and has never taken a salary since she founded the charity in 1999.

In support of HOPE, Arun created his version of the classic Kolkata Chaap spice blend based on well-loved traditional recipes. All profits from our Kolkata Chaap blend goes to HOPE. Why not help make a difference and treat yourself to this delicious and unique Bengali blend?

Supporting The Hope Foundation