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  • Carnival 'split' Quail Pelau

    Carnival ‘Split’ Quail Pelau

    AAA basmati, pepper capsicums & coconut

    This is my cheat’s version of making an ace carnival dish! Hearty, bit trad; the perfect meal to set you up for wandering round Notting Hill’s streets for the day.

    Serves 6 people
    Download a printable pdf  here: Carnival 'split' quail pelau Continue reading

  • Basmati Rice, boiled

    This is the traditional family method and the way my father has always cooked rice for us at home. It’s my favourite; simple, takes only about 10 minutes (for the white rice) and makes the most of the natural, beautiful fragrance and flavour of Basmati rice. See what you think, it should work for you every time!

    Basmati Rice - PDF

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  • Pilau Rice

    Green Saffron style classic Continue reading

  • Biryani

    Biryani - medium

    Oozing Royal opulence, this is a rice dish fit for the Hyderabadi Nizams. Continue reading

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