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This is a dish originating from Pakistan. Jalfrezi literally translates as ‘dry fry’. As such it may seem like this recipe is a bit fussy…”frying this, frying that…setting things aside” etc but, stick with us here…the end result is an authentic, zesty, deliciously spiced dish with a satisfying nod to our friend, the chilli!

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Serves 4-6 people
A    1 tin tomatoes, chopped
1 heaped tlbsp (50g) tomato puree
3 fat inches (85g) ginger, grated or blitzed with skin on
1 packet of GREEN SAFFRON Jalfrezi Spice Mix

B     1 kg (2 lbs) diced chicken, brown and white meat

C     500g (1 lb) onions, peeled, chopped or blitzed
½ fresh chilli (or more if you’re up for a bit more fire…), finely chopped or blitzed
1 bulb (55g) garlic, crushed or blitzed
1 dst sp (15g) sugar

4 good heaped dst sp (120g) ghee, butter, clarified butter or 4 tblsp vegetable oil

2 bell peppers sliced into strips (1 red, 1 yellow looks best)

1 fresh chilli, deseeded, cut into strips (or more if you’re up for a bit more fire…), either jalapeño or birds eye chillies are best

½ a lime, juice and zest
good handful of coriander, chopped

How to make your meal:

A    1. In a bowl, mix together the tin of tomatoes, tomato puree, ginger and 1 tsp of the GREEN SAFFRON Jalfrezi Spice Blend and set aside

B    2. In another bowl, mix the chicken thoroughly with the rest of the GREEN SAFFRON Jalfrezi Spice Blend and set aside, leaving to marinade

C    3. Put the onions, garlic, sugar and the ½ chilli in a food processor and blitz until a semi smooth paste, a sort of salsa type consistency is good

Cooking (at last…)
4. Put 1 heaped dst sp of the ghee, butter or tblsp vegetable oil into a heavy bottomed fry or sauté pan and heat.

5.  Next, add the chicken to the hot fat in batches turning the meat, until all pieces only just turn a light, nutty brown colour all over. It shouldn’t take long, maybe 2 mins for a handful of the chicken pieces.

it may sting your hands a little, but nothing too major..!

Then, take the chicken pieces out of the pan and put onto a handy plate. Set aside.

5. Next, add another 1 heaped dst sp of the ghee, butter or tblsp vegetable oil to the pan, throw in the sliced peppers and chillies. Briefly fry them for 3 or 4 mins tossing around, then set aside on the same plate as the spicy, fried chicken pieces.

6. Turn the heat down slightly, add the final 2 heaped dst sp of the ghee, butter or 2 tblsp vegetable oil to the pan, add the onion, garlic, sugar, chilli mixture and sweat gently until nicely soft, approximately 10 mins.

7. Add the spiced tomato, tomato puree, ginger mixture to the pan, stir thoroughly and cook on a medium to high heat for about 15 minutes, combining all the flavours and reducing the sauce slightly.

8. Finally, gently slide the chicken pieces, their juices, the pepper and chilli slices off the plate and into the bubbling sauce. Cook for about 10 mins or until the chicken is just done.

9. Take off the heat, squeeze in the lime juice, throw in the zest, the coriander, stir and serve immediately…simple!

Serving suggestion:
Sprinkle with more freshly chopped coriander and serve with mounds of Indian Basmati rice, Indian breads and Garam Masala riata.

Alternative suggestions:
Try replacing the chicken with 1 kg (2lbs) of stewing lamb cut into mouth-size pieces but, at the end remember to cook for about 1 and ½ hours or until the pieces are good and tender.  Fish could also be used. Monkfish is would be good as it has a firmer texture. Again, remember to only just cook the fish. This could take as little as 15 minutes.

This recipe has been tried and tested by the Green Saffron Masaalchi and is pretty much guaranteed, but if you want to change the quantities of a couple of ingredients go for it….experiment and enjoy your cooking. With Green Saffron spices you can’t go wrong!!!

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