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  • Sticky Gingerbread

    Sticky gingerbread

    This recipe is based upon one of Mum’s. As kids, she used to make it as the dark nights drew in, winter around the corner and serve a piled-high plate to my brothers and I by the fire, accompanied by a glass of warm Ribena; sipped through curly straws! Brilliant memories aside, this is really simple to prepare, a very forgiving mix and totally ‘moreish’

    Download a printable recipe pdf here: Sticky gingerbread Continue reading

  • Kheer

    Simple, sweet, creamy Kheer

    Continue reading

  • Carrot Halwa

    Carrot halwa 

    To the uninitiated, the texture of this utterly beautiful sweet-meat could be described as a curiously, decadent combination of marshmallow, soft fudge and a deliciously squidgy brownie rolled into one. Continue reading

  • Cardamom & Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

    Cardamom and vanilla bean ice-cream

    Green Saffron perfect puds

    This recipe makes about 20 scoops of dreamy, creamy delight. An aromatic, indulgence!! Continue reading

  • Burfi


    Saffron and vanilla bean 

    A creamy, fudge-like sweetmeat eaten all over India particularly on special occasions like the ‘Festival of Light’ - Diwali and family poojas. They’re a real treat. Continue reading

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