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Spice Dictionary

  • Cloves

    English Name:                                        Cloves

    Hindi Name:                                        Laung

    Sanskrit Name:                                        Anghri, lavanga

    Latin Name:                                        Syzygium aromaticum Continue reading

  • Cassia Bark

    English Name:                                        Cassia

    Hindi Name:                                        Dalchini

    Sanskrit Name:                                        Twak

    Latin Name:                                        Cinnamomum Aromaticum Continue reading

  • Carom Seeds

    English Name:                                        Carom, Ajwain, Ajowan

    Hindi Name:                                        Ajvan

    Sanskrit Name:                                        Yavanaka

    Latin Name:                                        Trachyspermum ammi Continue reading

  • Cardamom, green

    English Name:                                        Green Cardamom

    Hindi Name:                                        Elaichi, Choti Ilaichi

    Sanskrit Name:                                        Ela

    Latin Name:                                        Elettaria Cardamomum Continue reading

  • Cardamom, black

    English Name:                                        Black Cardamom

    Hindi Name:                                        Badhi Elaichi

    Latin Name: Amomum subulatum Continue reading

  • Black Pepper

    Hindi Name:                                        Gulmirch

    Sanskrit Name:                                        Maricha (translates as 'sun')

    Latin Name:                                        Piper Nigrum Continue reading

  • Asafoetida

    English Name:                                        Asafoetida or Asafetida

    Hindi Name:                                        Hing, Heeng

    Sanskrit Name:                                        Badhika, Agudagandhu

    Latin Name:                                        Ferula assafoetida Continue reading

  • Amchoor Powder

    English Name:                                        Sour Mango Powder

    Hindi Name:                                        Amchoor, Amchur, Aamchoor

    Sanskrit Name:                                        Aamraphalamh means mango/king of fruits Continue reading

  • Allspice

    English Name:                                        Allspice, Pimenta, Pimento, Myrtle Pepper

    Hindi Name:                                        Seetful, Kabab Cheeni

    Latin Name:                                        Pimenta Dioica Continue reading

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