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Green Saffron Spices Ltd,
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Knockgriffin, Midleton, Co Cork,
P25 Y597, Ireland
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  • New Seasons crop, single origin spices just in, check out our new improved prices, Ground Cassia 30g was €3.50 now €2.15, Cumin 30g was €3.00 now €2.25, Fennel 30g was €3.00 now €2.10, Turmeric 30g was €3.00 now €2.25
  • Copies of Fresh Spice signed by Arun are available at the unit (address at top of page).
  • We won two more golds at the most recent Great Taste Awards - check out our awards page in the About Us section
  • All of our sauces, spices and chutneys are certified Coeliac, Vegan and Halal friendly
  • "The best, freshest spices I've ever used. Fantastic!" - Richard Corrigan – 'Corrigan's Mayfair'
  • Come shop at our unit for your sauces and spices! Address at top of page. We’re open from Monday to Friday, 10am to 5pm.
  • "I just wanted to thank you for helping me make the best curry my family have ever tasted" - HT – (letter on file)
  • "Green Saffron's spices have such an incredible flavour; they give food a whole new dimension" - Rachel Allen, TV Chef and Food Writer
  • "I cooked up your Rogan Josh – we were all flabbergasted. I mean it! One of the nicest things we've ever tasted." - SG – (letter on file)
  • "Blending spices is an art form that Arun has mastered exceptionally well. The delicate aromas truly show the freshness and quality of the spices." - Asheesh Dewan - Director 'Jaipur', Dublin
  • "...just finished your Balti and it was yummmeeee. I am definitely converted!" - E MCD, Farmers Market Customer
  • "Your green cardamoms and saffron are simply superb..." - Joel Robuchon – Chef 'L'Atelier', Worldwide
  • "Green Saffron's rice has spoilt me for any other. It's the only Basmati I'll use." - Adam Penney - Chef 'Patty & Bun', London
  • "I bought your spices for all my family for Christmas and they love them now as much as I do" - Z.S, Farmers Market Customer
  • "I'm astounded at the freshness of your spices" - Stevie Parle – Chef, 'Dock Kitchen', London
  • "These spices give me a noticeably improved, cleaner flavour than I was ever able to achieve before" - Ross Lewis, Chef, 'Chapter One', Dublin
  • "All of those that ate your food thoroughly enjoyed it (especially the chutney which everyone was raving about). Many thanks for all your help. I would not hesitate to recommend you to friends in the future" - J.Q, Ireland
  • "My Morecambe Bay shrimps would be naked without your blade mace" - Mark Broadbent, Chef, London
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Spice Dictionary

  • Allspice

    English Name:                                        Allspice, Pimenta, Pimento, Myrtle Pepper

    Hindi Name:                                        Seetful, Kabab Cheeni

    Latin Name:                                        Pimenta Dioica Continue reading

  • Amchoor Powder

    English Name:                                        Sour Mango Powder

    Hindi Name:                                        Amchoor, Amchur, Aamchoor

    Sanskrit Name:                                        Aamraphalamh means mango/king of fruits Continue reading

  • Asafoetida

    English Name:                                        Asafoetida or Asafetida

    Hindi Name:                                        Hing, Heeng

    Sanskrit Name:                                        Badhika, Agudagandhu

    Latin Name:                                        Ferula assafoetida Continue reading

  • Black Pepper

    Hindi Name:                                        Gulmirch

    Sanskrit Name:                                        Maricha (translates as 'sun')

    Latin Name:                                        Piper Nigrum Continue reading

  • Cardamom, black

    English Name:                                        Black Cardamom

    Hindi Name:                                        Badhi Elaichi

    Latin Name: Amomum subulatum Continue reading

  • Cardamom, green

    English Name:                                        Green Cardamom

    Hindi Name:                                        Elaichi, Choti Ilaichi

    Sanskrit Name:                                        Ela

    Latin Name:                                        Elettaria Cardamomum Continue reading

  • Carom Seeds

    English Name:                                        Carom, Ajwain, Ajowan

    Hindi Name:                                        Ajvan

    Sanskrit Name:                                        Yavanaka

    Latin Name:                                        Trachyspermum ammi Continue reading

  • Cassia Bark

    English Name:                                        Cassia

    Hindi Name:                                        Dalchini

    Sanskrit Name:                                        Twak

    Latin Name:                                        Cinnamomum Aromaticum Continue reading

  • Cloves

    English Name:                                        Cloves

    Hindi Name:                                        Laung

    Sanskrit Name:                                        Anghri, lavanga

    Latin Name:                                        Syzygium aromaticum Continue reading

  • Coriander Seed, Ground

    English Name:                                        Coriander

    Hindi Name:                                        Dhaniya or Dhania

    Sanskrit Name:                                        Dhānyak

    Latin Name:                                        Coriandrum sativum Continue reading

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