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  • Korma

    Our award winning Hyderabadi version of the dish.

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  • Jalfrezi

    This is a dish originating from Pakistan. Jalfrezi literally translates as ‘dry fry’. As such it may seem like this recipe is a bit fussy…”frying this, frying that…setting things aside” etc but, stick with us here…the end result is an authentic, zesty, deliciously spiced dish with a satisfying nod to our friend, the chilli!

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  • Chana Masala

    Our family's version of this hugely popular Chick Pea dish
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  • Bombay Aloo

    This is a delicious, intensely flavoursome potato accompaniment to any meal, Indian or not! Bizarrely named, Bombay Aloo most probably has its origins in Goa, Southern India, where potatoes were introduced into India via the Portuguese. Nowadays, most of India’s potatoes are grown in the North East and North West of the country where the climate is more suitable….. This recipe works really well with new potatoes, like Home-Guards. These are only available from June onwards so your own favourite variety is absolutely fine the rest of the time! (Why not try them with our version of the Irish favourite, Boiled Ham and Cabbage…)

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