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  • Crisp Spiced Grey Mullet, Muhammara Red Pepper 'Relish'

    Crisp spiced grey mullet, Muhammara red pepper ‘relish’

    Wonderfully simple, flavoursome and light dish perfect for the post-festive family meal or dinner party Continue reading

  • Savoy 'Stuffed' Cabbage Cake

    Savoy ‘stuffed’ cabbage cake

    A delicious ‘cheffy’ accompaniment to lots of different dishes. This one is really quite posh with the use of ‘fois gras’, but I’d normally use the liver, heart etc of the bird it was served with. Chicken livers are a brilliant substitute otherwise. Continue reading

  • Cumin Muhammara Salad

    Cumin Muhammara

    A superb, fresh, very quick salad made in the food processor Continue reading

  • Five Spice Duck

    Five Spice Duck - Arun’s recipes for demo at Corrigan’s Mayfair 

    Fresh ground, five spice duck, savoy cabbage cake, peppercorn vinaigrette Continue reading

  • Coronation Chicken

    Coronation chicken (Green Saffron’s interpretation)

    Re-worked from the classic 1953 combination devised by Constance Spry and Rosemary Hume. Continue reading

  • Carrot Halwa

    Carrot halwa 

    To the uninitiated, the texture of this utterly beautiful sweet-meat could be described as a curiously, decadent combination of marshmallow, soft fudge and a deliciously squidgy brownie rolled into one. Continue reading

  • Cardamom & Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

    Cardamom and vanilla bean ice-cream

    Green Saffron perfect puds

    This recipe makes about 20 scoops of dreamy, creamy delight. An aromatic, indulgence!! Continue reading

  • Burfi


    Saffron and vanilla bean 

    A creamy, fudge-like sweetmeat eaten all over India particularly on special occasions like the ‘Festival of Light’ - Diwali and family poojas. They’re a real treat. Continue reading

  • Bombay Aloo Potato Soup

    Bombay Aloo Potato soup, bread and Masala butter 

    This is a lovely and very simple way to make an intriguing potato soup. The addition of the mild, fragrant spices really adds that extra special ‘comfort’ factor. A simple, must try, quick supper, I like to serve it with a Garam Masala Soda bun, but you can save all the fuss and simply make some Garam Masala butter and spread generously on your favourite bread…enjoy!  Continue reading

  • Biryani

    Biryani - medium

    Oozing Royal opulence, this is a rice dish fit for the Hyderabadi Nizams. Continue reading

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