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  • Persian Lamb Tagine

    Persian Lamb Tagine, Saffron, Dates
    Rhubarb, orange, mint

    The wonderfully sticky texture of this lamb tagine has its roots in Arabic Bedouin tradition but, I’ve taken influence from Persia for perfumed flavour and nutty crunch. The rhubarb, orange salad really helps cut through the sweet richness of the dish. I’m really pleased with it and you will be too. Continue reading

  • Chicken Bafat Curry

    Chicken Bafat Curry

    Pumpkin, tomato & butter
    Hot, sweet sour dish from the West of India

    This is a beautifully fragrant, hot, sweet, sour, salty dish! A really simple-to-do, thick-sauced meal. Perfect with Green Saffron’s soft-tear Naan or vintage basmati rice. Healthy, nutritious and full of flavour, it’s perfect for a cold winter evening’s treat of a curry! (Bafat refers to the style of spice masala)

    Serves 4 – 6 people

    Download a pdf here: Bafat Curry, Chicken Continue reading

  • Carnival 'split' Quail Pelau

    Carnival ‘Split’ Quail Pelau

    AAA basmati, pepper capsicums & coconut

    This is my cheat’s version of making an ace carnival dish! Hearty, bit trad; the perfect meal to set you up for wandering round Notting Hill’s streets for the day.

    Serves 6 people
    Download a printable pdf  here: Carnival 'split' quail pelau Continue reading

  • Proper Punch

    Proper Punch

    Serves 4 to 6

    Click Proper Punch for printable pdf

    Continue reading

  • Garam Soda Bun

    ‘Garam’ Soda Bun

    These are brilliant with soups, but I prefer them spread thickly with jam or generously doused with my saffron honey as a quick and healthy snack! 

    Makes about 15 buns or a little more than a 1lb loaf tin

    Click Garam Soda Bun for printable pdf Continue reading

  • Quail Tikki, Banana Guinness Catsup

    Quail Tikki, Banana Guinness Catsup

    Spiced legs and fruity dipping

    A super simple, quick drinks accompaniment, canapé, snack or starter for your St. Patrick’s day get together.

    Download a printable pdf here: Quail Tikki

    Serves 4 Continue reading

  • Sticky Gingerbread

    Sticky gingerbread

    This recipe is based upon one of Mum’s. As kids, she used to make it as the dark nights drew in, winter around the corner and serve a piled-high plate to my brothers and I by the fire, accompanied by a glass of warm Ribena; sipped through curly straws! Brilliant memories aside, this is really simple to prepare, a very forgiving mix and totally ‘moreish’

    Download a printable recipe pdf here: Sticky gingerbread Continue reading

  • Arun's Christmas Béchamel Bake

    Here’s a great way to use up left-over meat and veggies after a hearty Christmas feast. A guaranteed comfort food dish that delivers on flavour and simplicity by the bucket load!

    Serves 4

    Download a printable recipe pdf here: Christmas Bechamel Bake

    Continue reading

  • Slow baked wild rabbit, saffron, coriander & shallot

    confit smoked bacon, fondant winter vegetables

    A great tasting slow cooked dish with superb flavours and melting textures, just perfect for a chilly winter lunch or dinner and it looks just superb!

    Download the pdf here: Slow baked wild rabbit

    Continue reading

  • Tandoori 'split and roast' chicken

    Tandoori ‘split and roast’ chicken

    Buttered cabbage & sweet potato fries

    Serves 4 people

    Download the Tandoori split and roast chicken pdf

    Continue reading

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